So I've been dead for a while, but hey may as well make a report, as fragmented as my original memories are.

So when the game started I had done from ally mailing but didn't have any sort of set plans until the US came to me and the other Asian states with a proposal: All the Eastern Asian countries band together and take out China. While I wasn't really part of that group, I took the plan to heart, and began my march agianst China. This March was supported by the early losses China had in Africa, and what I was hoping for some small support from Pakistan a peace agreement with Russia.

Unfortunently, that plan soon fell apart, as we countries along the coast either not follow along with the plan, or just straight off not do anything, which lead to the isses of such a challenge that has been brought up with earlier games. Still I did my best to try to carry on and take advantage of the advances I had made, and which my friends in the south had supported.

That...all feel apart in Spring 2003, as Pakistan and Russia both allied agianst me...and well when you are an E what can you do. I had hoped to survive in Ulan Batar...but my last gasp was killed in Nuclear Destruction.

In the end, it was kinda fun, though if I played agian I would likely look to be a C/D to at least have a little more army strength.