And now we must say toodle-doo to our English player. Tough to stick it out for 10 full seasons only to finish the same as Austria. But that's Dip.

The game is tied 17-17. The first player to control 18 centers after a fall season wins the game.

Adjustments are due on Thursday March 16 at 9pm. Your orders will be due on Tuesday March 21 at 9pm.

Orders as follows:

F Irish Sea Supports F Wales - Liverpool
F Wales - Liverpool (*Fails*)

F Belgium Hold
A Budapest Hold
A Burgundy Hold
A Edinburgh Supports F Liverpool
F Helgoland Bight - North Sea (*Fails*)
F Liverpool Hold
A London - Wales (*Fails*)
A Moscow - Warsaw
F North Sea - English Channel (*Fails*)
A Ruhr Supports F Belgium
A Sevastopol Hold
A Tyrolia Hold
A Ukraine Hold
A Vienna Hold
A Warsaw - Galicia
F Yorkshire Hold

F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
A Albania Supports A Trieste
A Ankara - Armenia
F Brest Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel
A Bulgaria Supports A Rumania
F Marseilles Hold
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - English Channel
F North Atlantic Ocean Hold
A Paris Hold
A Rumania Hold
A Serbia Supports A Rumania
A Trieste Hold
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Western Mediterranean
A Venice Supports A Trieste
F Western Mediterranean - Mid-Atlantic Ocean

Russia: Belgium, Berlin, Budapest, Denmark, Edinburgh,
Holland, Kiel, Liverpool, London, Moscow, Munich,
Norway, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden, Vienna,
Turkey: Ankara, Brest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece,
Marseilles, Naples, Paris, Portugal, Rome, Rumania,
Serbia, Smyrna, Spain, Trieste, Tunis, Venice.

Austria: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
England: Supp 0 Unit 2 Remove 2
France: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
Germany: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
Italy: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
Russia: Supp 17 Unit 16 Build 1
Turkey: Supp 17 Unit 15 Build 2