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Post 25 Jan 2017, 7:11 am

Wilson won reelection in 1916 by a tiny margin, with 3000 votes in California deciding the election. He saw his victory as a mandate to continue his "peace without victory" strategy for ending the Great War and increased diplomatic pressures on both sides. Germany, grateful for Wilson's eagerness to end the war, used the access the US provided to their telegraph cables to conspire against the USA. Just because you want something, doesn't mean that the other guy wants the same thing. Woodrow Wilson could have learned some lessons by playing Dip!

We have one retreat. It only had one option, so I took the liberty of retreating A Holland to Ruhr. Italy if you want it off the board, let me know. Fall 1907 orders are due on January 31, at 9pm.
Please let me know if you see any errors.

F Belgium - Holland
F English Channel Convoys A Portugal - Wales
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Convoys A Portugal - Wales
F North Africa Supports F Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Portugal - Wales

A Gascony Supports A Marseilles
A Marseilles Hold

F Adriatic Sea - Trieste (*Bounce*)
A Holland Supports A Kiel (*Dislodged*) (GM retreats to Ruhr)
A Kiel Supports A Holland (*Cut*)
A Munich Supports A Kiel (*Cut*)
F Rome - Naples
A Trieste - Tyrolia
A Venice - Piedmont
A Vienna Supports F Adriatic Sea - Trieste (*Cut*)

F Baltic Sea Supports A Berlin
A Berlin Hold
A Budapest - Trieste (*Bounce*)
A Denmark - Kiel (*Fails*)
A Galicia - Vienna (*Fails*)
F London Supports F North Sea
F North Atlantic Ocean - Liverpool
F North Sea Supports A Belgium - Holland
F Norwegian Sea - Edinburgh
A Rumania Hold
A Silesia - Munich (*Fails*)

A Bulgaria - Serbia
A Constantinople - Bulgaria
F Gulf of Lyon Supports F Spain(sc)
F Ionian Sea Supports F Tunis - Tyrrhenian Sea
A Serbia - Albania
F Spain(sc) Hold
F Tunis - Tyrrhenian Sea
F Western Mediterranean - Tunis
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Post 26 Jan 2017, 1:41 pm

We have a DIAS proposal on the table.
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Post 29 Jan 2017, 7:28 am

DIAS fails! We play on.