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Post 12 Jan 2017, 9:21 am

100 years ago yesterday Germany sent the Zimmerman Telegram. It took the British a while to decode it, and then to figure out how to release it to the USA without letting the Germans know that they had broken their code. Eventually, they did, and it made a huge splash when it became public in the USA. Wilson was more pissed about this than unlimited submarine warfare because he had personally allowed Germany to use the US's cables to send coded messages to help negotiate the "peace without victory" he so deeply wanted to see, and then they send Zimmerman through the US lines, actually tapped out by a clerk in the US embassy. And you thought you felt dumb.

Alright fellas, it seems like you all got warmed up without too much trouble. Orders are below. We need one retreat (from Turkey). Can you get me that retreat by Friday at 9pm? Adjustments for 1906 are due on Tuesday January 17.

F Belgium - Holland (*Fails*)
F English Channel Supports F Irish Sea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Irish Sea - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - North Africa
A Portugal - Spain (*Fails*)

A Burgundy - Marseilles
A Gascony Supports A Burgundy - Marseilles

F Adriatic Sea Supports A Trieste
A Holland Hold
A Kiel Supports A Holland
A Munich Supports A Kiel
F Naples - Rome
A Trieste Supports A Vienna
A Vienna Supports A Munich (*Fails*)

F Baltic Sea Supports A Berlin
A Berlin Supports A Silesia
A Budapest Supports A Ukraine - Rumania
A Denmark Hold
A Galicia Supports A Ukraine - Rumania
F London Supports F Norway - North Sea
F North Atlantic Ocean Hold
F Norway - North Sea
F Norwegian Sea Supports F North Atlantic Ocean
F Rumania - Sevastopol
A Silesia Supports A Galicia
A Ukraine - Rumania

F Aegean Sea - Ionian Sea
A Bulgaria - Rumania (*Fails*)
F Marseilles Supports F Spain(sc) (*Dislodged*) (can retreat to GoL or Piedmont or OTB)
A Serbia Supports A Bulgaria - Rumania
F Spain(sc) Hold
F Tyrrhenian Sea - Tunis
F Western Mediterranean Supports F Spain(sc)

England: Belgium, Brest, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Portugal.
France: Marseilles, Paris.
Italy: Holland, Kiel, Munich, Naples, Rome, Trieste, Venice,
Russia: Berlin, Budapest, Denmark, London, Moscow, Norway,
Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Sweden, Warsaw.
Turkey: Ankara, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Serbia,
Smyrna, Spain, Tunis.


England: Supp 5 Unit 5 Build 0
France: Supp 2 Unit 2 Build 0
Italy: Supp 8 Unit 7 Build 1
Russia: Supp 11 Unit 12 Remove 1
Turkey: Supp 8 Unit 7 Build 1
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Post 16 Jan 2017, 9:28 am

Mar retreats to GOL
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Posts: 3413
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Post 17 Jan 2017, 7:15 pm

Build A Venice

Remove F Sevastopol

Build A Constantinople

Spring '07 orders are due January 24th, 9pm.