100 years ago John Pershing was half-way through a campaign within Mexico with 10,000 American troops in an attempt to root out Pancho Villa. Had there not been war in Europe, 1916 would have likely seen the start of the second Mexican-American war. One person's war may be another person's tonic.

There are two retreats, from England and Russia. Since both retreats have only one on-board option, I have taken the liberty of retreating the units for you. If you would rather retreat your units off-the-board, please let me know no later than Thursday 9pm, and I can roll the retreats back.

Let me know if you have questions, or if you see a mistake. It was a complicated season in a couple of parts of the board and it appears that there was at least one misorder. If you think I made a mistake, take a close look at your orders, and then get back to me.

Your Fall 1902 orders are due on Tuesday November 1st at 9pm. If I have not adjudicated and I receive orders after the deadline, I may accept them.


A Budapest Supports A Trieste - Vienna (*Cut*)
F Greece Supports F Smyrna - Aegean Sea
A Serbia - Rumania
A Trieste - Vienna (*Fails*)

A Belgium - Burgundy (*Dislodged*)
F Liverpool - Irish Sea
F London - English Channel (*Bounce*)
F North Sea Convoys A Denmark - Belgium
F Norway Supports F Sweden (*Ordered to Move*)

F Brest - English Channel (*Bounce*)
A Paris - Burgundy (*Bounce*)
A Picardy Supports A Paris - Burgundy
F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Spain - Gascony

F Baltic Sea Supports A Denmark (*Ordered to Move*)
A Denmark - Belgium
A Holland Supports A Denmark - Belgium
F Kiel - Denmark (*Bounce*)
A Munich Supports A Belgium - Burgundy

F Ionian Sea - Adriatic Sea
F Naples - Ionian Sea
A Tunis Hold
A Venice - Trieste (*Fails*)

A Moscow - St Petersburg
A Rumania - Budapest (*Dislodged*)
F Sevastopol - Black Sea (*Fails*)
F St Petersburg(sc) - Gulf of Bothnia
F Sweden - Denmark (*Bounce*)
A Vienna Supports A Rumania - Budapest (*Cut*)
A Warsaw - Ukraine

F Black Sea Supports A Serbia - Rumania (*Cut*)
A Bulgaria Supports A Serbia - Rumania
A Constantinople Supports A Bulgaria
F Smyrna - Aegean Sea

English A Belgium retreats to Ruhr (GM assumed)
Russian A Rumania retreats to Galicia (GM assumed)

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