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Post 15 Sep 2016, 1:45 pm

Many thanks Tom.

France feels like a collection of minor powers. No core group of "natural" supplies like other major powers, nowhere relatively safe. I found it difficult to argue the merits of a French ally anywhere, and even more difficult to meaningfully threaten anyone. And pretty quickly lost the plot.

Africa seemed a critical place to get some foothold. The middle east held nothing for France and I intended moving that wing west. But events conspired otherwise, Kenya early on being aggressivly defensive about the threat my wing was supposed to represent, Israel more-or-less picking a fight with France before we're anywhere near each other, and Mali showing no enthusiasm for attacking Nigeria. The latter I thought a long term ally but I couldn't say the right things.

In Europe I felt at an even greater loss. Canada is attacking UK. I don't hear much from Germany. Decide not to attack UK because UK and France look similar, both like several small disparate powers. Meanwhile Italy isn't saying anything I agree with, which leads to my third ever NWO variant nuke order, and no improvement on the prevous two.

Elsewhere I'm thinking only of exploiting the natural resources of other colonies to feed France in Africa and maybe Europe.

Why did a nation with so many firsts fail? No clear plan. Lower message count. France is a difficult nation to play.

Excellent play by China, Kenya and Sweden. Being the victim of the first two was a retrospect.
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Post 15 Sep 2016, 2:38 pm

I was surprised to note that you never tried to move into Spain. There's a natural 2 or 3 SCs for France there which can be taken without any major dramas, one of which has a vote. I've seen a few games where the French player has neglected Europe in favour of the colonies and it always ends up being a mistake. The colonies are important of course, but you begin the game with the whip hand over Germany and Italy and if you let that slip then it can be fatal.

Another puzzle is that nobody ever seems to have attempted an entente cordiale. France and UK are natural allies. Granted, they'd struggle to both end up in the winning coalition, but for the first 5 turns or so their interests align beautifully.
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Post 15 Sep 2016, 3:08 pm

Yep we never could quite get on the same page. I wanted to move on Nigeria but I never felt confident in our relationship. I dont know why but it just did not work. Then when I did move Nigeria did as well and it all just fell apart.
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Post 15 Sep 2016, 4:42 pm

Yeah I think I agree. I've only played twice now, but I did notice that both games France seems to have focused a bit more on boosting the colonies than on putting extra units into Europe and that's slowed down getting the European neutrals and made him more vulnerable to Germany.

It all depends on the other players of course, but it seems like there's something to be said for snatching Madrid right away, building a fleet in Marseilles and trying to bully your way into North Africa. If France and England are on the same page, they really ought to be able to lock down Western Europe and Northwest Africa quite quickly. Plenty of stars for both. Feels like a good alliance for both of them to me, but I've yet to see it happen.
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Post 30 Sep 2016, 11:57 am

France is an interesting power. It's VERY tough in her European homeland and being so spread out, she is not exactly "powerful" in any one area. But played right, France can partner with one major ally in each arena, even as the smaller power in each area! Suddenly France is "pretty strong" all over the globe. Throw in the nukes and hey, they really ARE a major power after all?

But this is easier said than done no doubt!!!
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Post 30 Sep 2016, 12:08 pm

France is vulnerable everywhere and therefore appealing to attack. Of the powerful but spread out powers, it is probably the worst off.