So brief EOG from Mexico here.

For me it seemed like I had only one major decision in the beginning. Whether or not to oppose America. After seeing Mexico and America gut each other in a at least one game, I decided to go pro America. My goal in the beginning was to ally with US and Canada to see if NAFTA could pull off a win. This gave me an early game goal of the 3 neutral Central Amercian/Carribean voting centers, along with some small amount of neutral SCs. My plan for expansion was then to use the Pacific to attack the South American SCs on the coast, only really aiming for the votes. This would have given me a total of 6-7 votes, an amount I was comfortable with.

To facilitate this I had additionally tried to ally with Venzeuala and Chile. Chile....didn't work out. However, until the sudden replacement of leaders I felt the Venezualan-Mexico alliance was working well. Then came the regime change and well....thats the next part.

Additionally, one of the rocks I had relied upon, the US nuclear arsenal got knocked out by China, taking away what I had hoped would be the ability to buy nukes from a friendly power to remove recalitrant units and SCs.

Mexico's Game Plan Mark 2-Survive and maintain votes against all of South America

So with the change to Venz and multiple nukes headed my way, had to pull in the horns for a bit. That was when China reached out along with Japan and started to work towards surviving and expanding.

Overall, if I could change anything it would have been to get nukes earlier (I really should have invested in the Swedish nuke plan). This would have given me the ability to expand a bit more readily.