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Post 05 Oct 2016, 8:32 am

This COULD work, but I'm thinking "you better be careful what you wish for" applies here.
While I can see the reasons to do so, in reality this little rtule would make nukes for the powerful even MORE powerful and take away the power of the little guy.

Nukes make the game fun for many, but they ALWAYS devolve into something a bit chaotic and unfair. We want to keep nukes, maybe even allow some level of "stupidity" in their use. Something that concerns me a little is how nukes have seemed to get more and more out of hand seemingly with each play. This could be due to the rule changes the past few times? This could (very likely) be due to the reduced number of players the past few times? It could be due to people getting used to the game as it plays more and more? It could be due to some other factor(s) and almost certainly a bit of each of these reasons?

I love to see new ideas! They don't always work but the ideas are fun to try.
What about trying a simple reset? Get the game back to it's base rules, it's base (large!) number of players and see how it goes as a sort of test to figure where things might have gone "wrong"?
That's easier said than done, the game needs a HUGE number of players and the site is getting less and less played games, finding that number required (50) is hard enough to do for ANY game but for such an "odd" game (as many think) it's even tougher.

THEN tweak things based on that "re-set" and what we may have learned from it.
I am 100% in favor of experimenting with rules to bring the nukes under control, but again, be careful what you do, even seemingly tiny changes often turn into massive changes in reality.
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Post 05 Oct 2016, 1:32 pm

Tom, I think all that's happened is that the very small pool of regular NWO players are now so knowledgeable about the various game dynamics that they know how to set up and maintain a nuke cycle to an extent that most players probably weren't in the past. This makes it even harder for new players, who don't come to appreciate the strategies until it's too late and then go on to moan about nukes being too powerful. The solution is not to neuter nukes though, all that would achieve is to alienate the core players.