Jesterson - Majesty?

Emperor - Jesterson. Say words on new suit. Plan wear it on Victory Day.

Jesterson - Sire, war no over?

Emperor - Jesterson, war over. Whole world bow low now. And when no bow low, we makie dem bow low....boom, boom!!

Jesterson - Ahh so, but my Lord knows Confucius say, 'it not over til obese lady singing."

Emperor - No mind obese lady Jesterson. War over. Now what you say bout my new clothes?

Jesterson - Must ask my liege, who makie clothes?

Emperor - No mind who makie, just what think?

Jesterson - Emperor, me like what you like but we must now concentrate on making friends or we no win war.

Emperor - Friends? We no need friends. We bomb bomb everyone. They scared, they fear, they no fight back. Ha ha, we king of world now.

Jesterson - Confucius also say, "might not always right."

Emperor - He also say, "he who has long fart in church, sit in own pew." No take Confucius to heart Jesterson.

Jesterson - Without help from friend we no win war Sire. Win war with votes. We no have friends, we have no votes, we no win war.

Emperor - {twirling about now in front of a very large mirror]

Emperor - I tell you who win war, I tell you we win war. Now tell me, like my new clothes?

Jesterson - My king and are naked.

Emperor - Naked? Duungah!! Naked you say? Buungchikalie! You make ha ha? You risk life Jesterson!

Jesterson - I mean say majesty make long fart in church.