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Post 23 Aug 2016, 7:28 pm

One of the largest physical remnants of the Great War still visible are huge craters made when miners would tunnel under enemy positions, pack the tunnels full of explosives, and then set them off under the feet of soldiers in their trenches and pillboxes. Makes our troubles seem pretty small, right?

We say goodbye to both Turkey and Austria this season. Thanks to both for sticking it out to the end, and especially to Austria for taking over the position mid-game. I hope to see you both playing again soon.

There are no retreats that impact the game, so I need adjustments by Thursday August 25th at 9pm Eastern time. Plan on Spring 1909 orders to be due on August 30th @ 9pm, though both of these dates may change.

As a reminder, any player can propose a Draw Including All Survivors (DIAS) at any time. If you are interested in a DIAS, contact me and I will inform all players that a DIAS has been proposed. If all remaining players vote for a DIAS, the game will end in a draw including all survivors. The other option for game end is an 18-center solo victory.

Let me know if I made an error. Thanks.

Orders as follows:
F Apulia Supports A Rome - Naples
A Rome - Naples (*Disbanded*)

A Belgium - Holland (*Bounce*)
A Burgundy - Munich (*Bounce*)
F English Channel Supports F London - North Sea
F London - North Sea (*Bounce*)
F Naples Supports A Tuscany - Rome
F North Atlantic Ocean, no move received
A Tuscany - Rome
F Western Mediterranean, no move received

F Denmark Supports F Edinburgh - North Sea
F Edinburgh - North Sea (*Bounce*)
A Greece Supports A Serbia
F Helgoland Bight - Holland (*Bounce*)
A Kiel - Munich (*Bounce*)
F Norwegian Sea - Norway (*Bounce*)
A Serbia Hold
A Sweden - Norway (*Bounce*)
A Trieste Supports A Venice
A Venice Supports A Tuscany - Rome

F Tyrrhenian Sea Supports F Naples

A Ankara Supports A Constantinople - Smyrna
A Armenia Supports A Constantinople - Smyrna
F Barents Sea Hold
F Black Sea - Constantinople
A Budapest Supports A Serbia
A Bulgaria Supports A Serbia
A Constantinople - Smyrna
A Moscow - Livonia
A Rumania Supports A Bulgaria

A Smyrna Hold (*Dislodged*)

France: Belgium, Brest, Liverpool, London, Marseilles,
Naples, Paris, Portugal, Rome, Spain.
Germany: Berlin, Denmark, Edinburgh, Greece, Holland, Kiel,
Munich, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Trieste, Venice.
Italy: Tunis.
Russia: Ankara, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Moscow,
Rumania, Sevastopol, Smyrna, St Petersburg, Vienna,

Austria: Supp 0 Unit 1 Remove 1
England: Supp 0 Unit 0 Build 0
France: Supp 10 Unit 8 Build 2
Germany: Supp 12 Unit 10 Build 2
Italy: Supp 1 Unit 1 Build 0
Russia: Supp 11 Unit 9 Build 2
Turkey: Supp 0 Unit 1 Remove 1
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Posts: 3294
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Post 25 Aug 2016, 7:37 pm

Winter '08 builds:

Build F Sevastapol
Build waived

build A BER
build A MUN

build F Bre
build A Mar

Spring '09 due Tuesday August 30 at 9pm Eastern