During the Battle of Verdun there was a pause from mid-April 1916 to mid-May 1916, where the front was relatively quiet. It was spring, it was northern Europe and it rained. A lot. So instead of fighting in the rain, both sides amassed men and materials that they would shovel into meat grinder later in the year.

We have orders and we have conflict. Everyone has at least one bounce, and we have our first retreat, and it's from Russia, which I will take at any time, but no later than 9pm tomorrow. So we're clear, if I do not get a retreat order I will use default retreats. Fall orders are due on Tuesday May 17 at 9pm Eastern time.

Orders are as follows. Let me know if I screwed up.

Austria: RayJay
A Budapest Supports A Vienna - Galicia
F Greece - Aegean Sea (*Bounce*)
A Serbia - Bulgaria (*Fails*)
A Trieste Supports A Budapest
A Vienna - Galicia

England: Uhtar
F Belgium Supports F London - English Channel (*Cut*)
F Edinburgh - North Sea
F London - English Channel (*Bounce*)
A Norway Hold
F Norwegian Sea - Barents Sea

France: Lingfish
F Brest - English Channel (*Bounce*)
A Burgundy - Belgium (*Fails*)
A Paris - Picardy
F Portugal - Mid-Atlantic Ocean
A Spain - Gascony

Germany: Der Blaue Rieter
F Berlin - Baltic Sea
A Holland - Kiel (*Bounce*)
A Munich - Silesia
A Silesia - Prussia
F Sweden Supports F Berlin - Baltic Sea

Italy: Doctor Fate
F Ionian Sea - Eastern Mediterranean (*Bounce*)
F Naples - Ionian Sea (*Fails*)
A Tunis Hold
A Venice Hold

Russia: Ruffhaus
F Baltic Sea - Kiel (*Dislodged*)
F Black Sea Supports A Bulgaria
A Galicia - Warsaw
A Moscow - Sevastopol (*Bounce*)
A Rumania - Sevastopol (*Bounce*)

Turkey: Machiavelli
A Armenia - Smyrna (*Fails*)
A Bulgaria Supports A Rumania (*Ordered to Move*)
F Constantinople - Aegean Sea (*Bounce*)
F Smyrna - Eastern Mediterranean (*Bounce*)

Russian retreats to Gulf of Bothnia

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