Why this track?

I wanted to run a race as a recruiting tool with the goal of filling out C3 for the next RRL season. That desire was tempered by time issues - I didn't think I'd have time to run a 2nd full-field race. The compromise was a small-field race but the modern tracks (those created by Doug) seemed too wide for that. The old AH tracks, more appropriate for six cars, seemed right. Of those tracks, I really don't remember why I chose Buenos Aires.


I'm ok with Fabio winning the race with an extreme car (20 decel). Some tracks will be more conducive for that, otherwise why even have that choice? Not to mention, it's already been done at Redscape (the Montreal exhibition race).

As William pointed out, perhaps the staggered start was not such a great idea. If the cars had been closer together from the beginning, we might have had a more competitive race. I suppose a counter-argument would be that drivers should have thought twice about using the 20 ss. Anyway, something to consider if more races are run on these old tracks.

In hindsight, I also think more cars could be run on these tracks. While they are narrow throughout, more cars would have made for a more interesting race.

I'd love to hear the drivers' perspectives...