What an interesting game. Great job by Sloterp and all players.

This game started with such a late start that there must have been some loss of interest. I volunteered late just to get this game started. I must say, that I really don't like playing Russia, as I have been blind-sided by England too many times to count. That being said my initial look at the players were as follows:

Turkey - Solid, I have always felt as if I can trust Rob; stand up fellow, we have many things in common.
Austria - unknown. Quiet to begin with
Italy - seemed nice, but wanted to keep Austria afloat
Germany - Nice, but not much word from him
England - Patrick is great. Sensed much hostility between Geezerguy and him for previous game.
France - Geezer is great as well. Kind and caring about a players personal life, not just the game.

Based upon my initial contacts, I felt best in starting a Juggernaut with French support. This initial move into Austria really hindered ANY possibility of beneficial communication with him after that. Germany and Italy both wanted to keep Austria afloat, so the lines were pretty much drawn there.

TFR vs AIG with England being odd man out.

Time must have gotten very tight for Turkey as the attack on Austria stalled after some initial gains that would have eliminated most players. Austria is to be totally commended in his defense. Italy and Austria were handing it to Turkey and I. We were losing the initiative, and England was collapsing from the FRG up north. I was able to make a short peace with Austria and Italy, and turned full bore on Germany. This caught him totally of guard, and I get to needed resources to attack Austria again. England and Germany both collapsed in 1906. I had a share in both of their demises. The battle kept going back and forth in Austria, and talk of a DIAS was coming around, and I was all for it starting about 1905. The F06 turn was a complete surprise to me. Austria ordered all units hold, and lost the entire initiative. I was able to re-take Budapest, and he lost a unit. I guess RL got him. I understand that. Been there...

After that, Patrick took over Austria, and asked to be a part of making sure that France did not get a solo, or that someone would solo against him. I accepted, just to keep Austria from aligning with France(which I saw as unlikely, but you never know!) The DIAS vote came about on F07, and I voted for it. I also moved on Turkey and Austria for the purpose of flair at the end of the game. After the DIAS failed, I saw that I would be able to solo, and went to that end. It was mop-up after that.

I want to know who voted against the DIAS. I believe it was Patrick, but I am not sure.

Great game to all, and as I told Sloterp, I felt like I kicked my dog and slapped my sister by abandoning my French and Turkish allies and going for the solo. I would not have been able to do it without them, however. If Austria and Italy were eliminated, I would have voted for the DIAS again.

Thanks to all!
- Brad