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Post 13 Jul 2015, 6:57 pm

I make the best ally in a diplomacy game. I don't have the greatest of memories and when I do, I don't usually remember what happens, only the players. So this is my take.

I was gung ho for this game about six months ago and excited to get back into the ring. Then it took forever and a month to get started while we looked for our seventh man. By the time it officially got started my time had become much more crunched. My partner in the youth group I run had an accident and her health went down hill until she was unable to help me anymore. And my job became more stressful and paperwork (oh the bane of existence) got way harder to manage. Time became my greatest enemy.

I went into this knowing that I've worked well with two of the players before. Geezer and I go way back. We usually have the same styles...we are loyal to a fault and active in the forums to the point of some great times in the past. Our forum posts have been least in our own minds. Many moons ago, I spoke with him on the phone once when there was a hurricane and he was afraid that it would mess us up. At least I think that was what the deal I memory is like a hooker in Washington. Don't ask don't tell...who was that guy again?

I also had a history with Brad. I couldn't remember exactly when, still can't but we worked pretty good together then and I remember him being a stand up fellow. I suppose I still do...but I wish that I'd gotten a better jump. It was good this time for a long period. Till my email went stupid and drafted my orders instead of sending them for two armies. We'd likely be having a different discussion right now. Or so I hope.

So I'm not going to even pretend that I remember half of what happened. Brad and I teamed up and tried to make our way into Austria while holding Italy at bay long enough for Geezer to help us. We held our own pretty well with me as a definite junior partner but I fell into the classic blunder: Never get involved in a land war in Europe when death is on the line. Or was that Asia? Vizzini...I'm waiting for you. Perhaps we should go back to the beginning. INCONCEIVABLE!!

Long story short, I fell victim to the greatest struggle of Turkey. I was greatly useful to my allies but did not get far enough to make the gains that I needed to be anything more than an end to a means. Couple that with lots of ring rust and a couple of mistakes...I didn't do well this game.

Thanks to Brad and Guy for a great alliance. If it hadn't been for our past history I don't think I'd have made it as long as I did. I had fun even though I spent each night before orders (okay mornings before deadline right Mike) wishing I had been able to talk to you more.

The rest of you...and you know who you are...because I don't...we didn't talk very much. I put my eggs in the Russian wagon early and it was working.

Mike thanks for dealing with my last minute orders and gm'ing a tight game. I wish the maps had had the names on it from the beginning and a DPY attached but you are a fine guy. Maybe in 10 years when I come out of retirement again we can cross swords.

And with that I go back into retirement. It was fun and congrats Brad. As hard as Guy worked in this game he probably deserves the solo but HE wouldn't stab an ally. :grin: Okay...that's as close as I'm going to come to saying you suck Brad. LOL Seriously...I'd ally with you again anytime.
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Post 14 Jul 2015, 5:22 pm

You were a worthy opponent, Turkey. I enjoyed our game.