Two nations were eliminated this turn. We say a fond farewell and give many thanks to Patrick and Seth for playing.

Given the late adjudication, I went ahead and processed the retreats. I took Mun OTB given their impending demise and Austria's two units only had one place to go between them, eliminating one.

Austria's orders are as shown - this was not an NMR. A white flag of sorts, I suppose.

Fall 1906 Results

:aus1: Austria: Erik
All units hold
A Bud (dislodged)
A Ser (dislodged)

:eng1: England: patrickpweeks
F Hel S Russian F Kie-Hol (invalid order)

:fra1: France: Geezerguy
A/Burgundy holds
F/English Channel convoys A/Picardy to London
F/Gulf of Lyon supports A/Marseilles to Piedmont
A/Holland supports Russian F/Kiel
A/Liverpool to Edinburgh (bounce)
F/London to Yorkshire
A/Marseilles to Piedmont
A/Picardy to London
F/Rome holds
F/Tunis is A.W.O.L.
A/Tuscany supports F/Rome

:ger1: Germany: Shudda
Munich S Silesia H (dislodged)

:ita1: Italy: Deinodon
Army Nap hold.

:rus1: Russia: bbauska
A Sweden to St. Pete
F N Sea to Edinburgh (bounce)
F Denmark to N Sea (bounce)
A Berlin supports A Silesia to Munich
A Silesia to Munich
A Vienna to Budapest
A Galicia supports A Vienna to Budapest
F Black Sea supports A Rumania
A Rumania supports A Bulgaria to Serbia
F Kiel Holds

:tur1: Turkey: jediknight
A Bulgaria to Serbia
F Ionian to Greece (bounce)
F Aegean HOLD

Retreats all conducted by GM

A Ser retreats to Tri


Winter 1906 Deadline: Thursday, June 18th @ 4 p.m. EDT (8 p.m. GMT)

Austria: 5 SC’s / 6 units
Disband 1

England: 0 SC’s / 1 unit
Disband 1 Eliminated

France: 11 SC’s /11 units
No change

Germany: 0 SC’s / 0 units

Italy: 1 SC / 1 unit
No change

Russia: 13 SC’s / 10 units
Build 3

Turkey: 4 SC’s / 4 units
Build 1